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Poppy with Leaves

     Hey guys, my name is Kendra Fields, or you may know me as one of the few English majors in this class (no offense towards biology-I am sure it is a wonderful major).  This is my first semester back in school working to achieve my MA in English Literature, and I am quite excited on continuing my education journey.  I originally graduated from WSU back in the fall of 2017 as a double major in both English Literature as well as Classical Humanities (love me some Greeks and Romans).  However, through some dark twist of fate, I somehow ended up working in a pharmacy for the past couple of years. My employer actually paid for me to take some classes and I passed my pharmacy technician boards last August.  After working as a legal drug dealer handling medications and double checking doctors, I quickly realized that I have no interest or passion in this particular scientific and (unfortunately) mathematical field.  It took me less than a month after passing my boards to re-apply to WSU for my masters. So, here I am looking to escape the world of drugs and back into academic life.

     Like most of us, I am mostly creating this website for class.  However, I do have a particular interest in this notion of imagining the world through a non-human perspective.  Back in my undergrad, I took a class with Dr. Lake which introduced me to it-narratives, a type of story told through objects such as animals and what kind of agency said objects have within the narrative (see separate page for more about it-narratives if you are curious).  Since that class, I have a strange interest in stories from non-human narration and how they shed light onto humanity.  I have never, however, written an it-narrative before; I have only analysed them.  Hopefully my versions of non-human perspectives well be at least half as brilliant as the examples I have read.  You can be the judge of that.

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